John Cleese

John Cleese
Acrylic on wood

Well, this shold have been done in December, but, you know, sometimes it's not easy to manage some things, so, I had to take my time.

The actor, John Cleese is known nowdays only for his little appereances in 007 movies, but he's got a great past. As one of the members of The infamouse Monty Python he's made me laugh the hell off too many times; he is algo know for the Faulty Towers tv series or A fish called Wanda, with Jame Lee Curtis.

In the beginning is was going to make the young Cleese, but lately, as most of people know him nowdays for his last appereances I thought I could make a mixture. Maybe the nowdays John but in his first days suite...

"Ministry of Silly Walks" - Mighty Monty Python's sketch

I love that sketch, I love John in this scketch... I wanted it for the drawing...

So I just thought maybe he can not move, he cannot push the leg that far... Here's the result I'm glad to show.