F****n' Donuts

Fuckin' Donuts
Timothy Llompart
Acrylic on A3 wood

Another work for school. It's suposed to be a cover for the New Yorker.

Shiny, or happy ideas are not my way of working, not really. So in order to make this project possible I went to the "American Way of Life", thinking in 1920's: Sundays at sun, foobtall matches, pin-ups... But those don't work for me, so I simply thought: What do I like from the typical american things? Yeah, right, the fat police eating donuts. I think it's the kind of idea that works.

Then I had to tell something, so the to policemen eat donuts while a child steals an apple, simple but effective.

The rest... it's just too much work.

I put the biggest effort on faces and details, maybe way too much; so I delighted in little things.

First thing: Chris Redfield.

the policeman from left has "Chris Redfield" on his label.

Second: Clancy Wigum.

this second policeman, at right, has been told to be Clancy Wigum, I never thought about it, but it seems it's him.

Third: the police plates.

The name of the police department is "Raccoon City Police Department" (RPD), or S.T.A.R.S. (Raccoon Police STARS).

Guess where I took all those things from...