"Artist" Selfportrait

"Artist" Selfportrait
Timothy Llompart
Acrylic and black ink on wood

Another work for school, made in less than 6 hours. I didn't want the typical "me drawing at my desk from the back", I wanted something more personal. Finally I got this, the kind of mixture between black ink and color - with acrylic in this case - I'm doing nowdays.

There's allways the "you can improve this", but the lack of time and "need" - when it's finished it is - makde me not to touch it. If you start to put more and more color it loses the freshness - coolness? -, so this is finished.

Sketchbook (detail)

As curiosity, the signature is not in a corner, as allways, I put it on the sketchbook, down the rough human beings, with pencil, instead of acrylic or ink.

By the way, those two characters on the sketchbook are my particular tribute to the animator Don Hertzfeldt, one of the most fresh, origial and hilarious - we're talking about mental illness, hehe - animators I've ever seen.

Last, many more things to come next weeks, I've got a lot of non-scanned material that'll be published one day or another.