Everybody should love Hellboy. I've been trying to make something of the Hellboy universe lately, I finally decided all I really wanted was to draw the red devil.

Jessica Lange, from American Horror Story (and King Kong)

I have just finished with American Horror Story 4th season, and I needed to make some kind of tribute to Jessica Lange. I didn't recognise her from King Kong - yeah, the original -, but in this four seasons she's made such a character, a good playing... Simply WOW.

Thats my tribute.

I just wanted to make a sketch but finally I started to play with wrinkles and lines... and it ended up like this. Long time not making a portrait in that way. love it!

Last portraits from FebruaryMA

B.A. Barracus - Pencil + digital greys

Lija the cat - Mixed media on board

Siberian Escape - Tunguska

Cover art for Siberian Escape's second EP, Tunguska.

This time we're using a jewel cd format, so the artwork is more extens. We have the lyrics, the booklet...

It has been fun to work on all the elements and trying to develop a different style. Ink and watercolor spots.

ORA - 21st century schizoid man

This is the cover for first ORA's advance of their new album, "Big three". It is a tribute to King Crimson, to such a great album as "In the court of the crimson king".

There you have the song:


Check them out!

2015/27/01 Sketch

Yesterday I was watching Jodorowsky's Dune and this came out :o

Kyrios: El talismán (short film poster)

Este es el poster que he hecho para Kyrios: El talismán, un corto grabado en Mallorca, de donde soy yo. Ha sido un placer volver a esos posters de pelis!


This is the poster I've done for Kyrios: El talismán, a short film made in Mallorca, where I'm from. It's been a pleasure to go back to those movie posters!

Björn has found a new job!

- Fiiiiiiiiiiiiireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Uajajajajaja!

Last works

I haven't been uploading much things lately - I'm starting to work more on facebook or twitter - but, I'll try to keep this!